A joy to meander through all of these threads gathered in one place. Thanks for writing this, DBB.

I’m not usually a fan of the ‘we’ statement, but this one will live with me: ‘We are now obliged to become awe-philic once again.’ Oof.

It doesn’t feel entirely instinctive to sit alongside a technologist when re-centralising awe, but McLuhan wasn’t your average technologist, was he? “Sometimes I think he doesn't mean so much as he probes. He rolls things down the hill to see what happens. The meaning is in the curiosity.”

And you’re not the average recipient - “I don't wish to advocate or resist so much as to describe and understand.”

As someone not connected with a particular religious tradition, it wouldn’t be my instinct to sit alongside theologians either, but your gentle, Venn diagram of where Bonhoeffer and Benjamin meet and diverge is an accessible meeting point for all sorts of thinking, doing and being.

Between the four of you not just ideas and theories, but the methods of getting there, are softened, humanised and queered. And something in THAT feels very hopeful to me.

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Aug 23Liked by David Benjamin Blower

This rings sweet in the belltower, hunchbacked and deaf to any owned certainty. Yitzak would be proud, Yaakov. And that denial unto life while the cocks grow of Jack's? That is some post-Moriah liturgy there. Salut that shaking voice dark time song to Everything-that-is-no-thing.

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