Sep 11 • 16M

MFP1: The Beginning & The End

Episode One of the Messianic Folklore Podcast

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David Benjamin Blower
Theological reflection and immersive sound art by musician, poet and writer David Benjamin Blower, on sacred text, embodied life and radical imagination.
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Well now, here's the beginning of a new thing. Here is the first episode of the Messianic Folklore Podcast. These are short immersive pieces; theological reflections and sound collages, on sacred text, embodied life and radical imagination.

These’ll be monthly, to begin with at least.

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I hope you enjoy it. Show notes are below.

—The island of Patmos

—Revelation 1

—Margins, non-places, outlaw culture and exile

—Europe’s open air prisons

—The language of divinity and destitution

—The religion of the oppressed

Here’s a post from my friend Vanessa Chamberlin on her trip to Patmos.

Here’s my friend Danielle Wilson talking about the camp at Lesvos.

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